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Development Trusts are most successful when they have the support of their local communities. The more members our Trust has from the Portree and Braes community, the more credibility we have to take forward projects, secure funding and influence decisions about where we live. Strength in numbers is the best asset a community organisation such as ours can have.

Being a member does not carry obligations but it does have benefits. As a member, you're entitled to cast a vote at AGM's and special members meetings, to elect Trustees and to take decisions on changes to the constitution and other resolutions that effect the organisation.  We'll also keep you up-to-date on what the Trust is doing and how you can contribute to decision making.

Membership is FREE and is automatically renewed unless you write to us to opt out.


Ordinary Membership 

  • Ordinary membership is open to any individual aged 16 or over who resides within the Portree and Braes postcode area and whose name appears on the electoral roll. 

Associate Membership 

  • Associate membership is available to any individual aged 16 or over who is not ordinarily resident in the community, but who supports P&BCT's purposes. Associate members can still contribute but are not eligible to vote, stand for election or nominate others. Some of our most active supporters are associate members and we highly value our associate membership.

  • Organisations are also invited to become associate members. 

All members agree to support the aims and objectives of the organisation:​

  1. To advance and promote community development by the regeneration of the Portree and Braes area, including the maintenance or improvement of the physical, social and economic infrastructure and by assisting people who are at a disadvantage due to their social and economic circumstances.

  2. To preserve, conserve, restore and improve the environment.

  3. To promote, establish, operate and/or support other schemes and projects with similar charitable purposes for the benefit of the Community of Portree and Braes.

Portree & Braes Community Trust currently has 321 ordinary members and 50 associate members. The organisation and is overseen by a committee of a maximum of 20 volunteer trustees who are nominated and elected by the members.

Complete an online form to become a member: 

Alternatively you can pick up membership forms in person at the Portree and Braes Community Trust Office 6 Broom Place, Portree (upstairs at Jans), or at Portree Community Library. You can also download forms below to print off, fill in at home and return:

Ordinary Membership Form 

Associate Membership Form 


If you have any questions or need assistance please contact or 07570652953. 

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