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Portree Community Centre


Recent Developments at the Portree Community Centre 

The Portree Community Centre was constructed in 1996 and served the community for many years as a popular venue for sports, arts and community use. The building temporarily closed in 2018 when water ingress resulted in serious damage to the building. The Portree and Braes Community Trust have been working closely with the Portree Community Centre Association (PCCA) ever since to help secure the future of the venue. Working together the organisations have raised almost £90,000 to invest in the building in recent years and, although there is still lots of work to be done, the future of the venue is looking bright once again. Currently the building is home to three local businesses, including the local post office, and both the large and small halls are booked on a regular basis by a range of local groups, organisations and agencies.

The next immediate steps for the committee are to improve the toilets and changing rooms and to invest in more modern sound and lighting equipment. The longer term plan is to modernise and extend the building so that the facility can meet the future needs of a growing community.  More information can be found about the longer term plans for the building on the Re-imagining Camanachd Square page

Booking the Portree Community Centre 

If you would like to inquire about booking the community centre or find out more about the facilities available please make an inquiry via Facebook messenger here . Please note we do not currently take inquiries for the community centre via email or via the phone. 

Current PCCA Committee 

Peter Urquhart – Chairman      

Duncan Brown – Treasurer

Hugh Macdonald – Secretary           

Annemarie Campbell 

Janice MacHugh        

Scott Martin

Lorna Cormack                                    


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