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Information boards & tear off maps

If you walk around Portree you will encounter some strategically placed information boards.  In partnership with the Community Trust, Portree-based Atlas Arts commissioned New York artist J. Maizlish Mole to create two humorous yet practical public maps: one of the Isle of Skye as a whole, and the other of the town of Portree.


To create the map for Portree, the artist walked in and around town for two weeks, taking in its streets, landmarks, walking trails, quirks, amenities, landscapes and history. Mole’s working process is unique; he travels routes several times and then hand-draws the map to scale from memory, incorporating personalised annotations of the elements that he has learnt along the way through both personal experience and locals’ knowledge.


The maps can be found in Portree’s Somerled Square, Bayfield car park and the tourist information centre. They're also available as a tear-off map, which can be found in many local businesses, including the the local tourist information centre. If you would like to be supplied with tear-off pads, please contact Fiona at


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