Portree Harbour

03.09.21 Levelling Up Fund Bid Update 

The Highland Council are currently preparing to submit a £12 million bid to the UK's Levelling Up Fund for investment in the first phase of a longer-term redevelopment proposal for Harbour. The deadline for submission of the bid is still to be confirmed but is expected to be in October 2021. This is a significant opportunity for Portree however there is a limited timeframe for consultation. The community are now being asked to comment on the proposal for phase 1 and the full masterplan scheme.

With this in mind, Portree and Braes Community Trust would like to update the community on proposals as soon as possible, provide the opportunity for users and residents to voice any concerns and, again, seek the communities support to represent harbour users and residents in discussions with the Highland Council.

The masterplan and proposed harbour development layout documents detail a phased proposal for a full scheme to the value of approximately £50 million. The upcoming bid for the Levelling Up Fund will focus on phase 1 specifically. The current phase 1 proposal is demonstrated in the following photomontage and summarised as follows:

Phase 1 

Surveys, Investigations, Studies                                              £334,000

Environmental Impact Assessments and Consents            £180,000

Reconstruction of Pier                                                              £3,400,000

Repairs to Harbour Wall                                                           £220,000

New Harbour Office                                                                   £2,000,000

RNLI Pontoon Facility                                                              

Relocation of Tank Farm                                                           £700,000

Remediation of Oil Tank Farm Area                                         £500,000

Design and Supervision                                                            £400,000


Optimism Bias 44%                                                                    £3,403,000

                                                                                  TOTAL        £11,137,000

If awarded, the project must be delivered by March 2024. This is a challenging timeframe for the delivery of a £12 million project and limits development options for phase 1. The southern access road and breakwater for example, could not be delivered in this timeframe.

The Highland Council are looking for feedback on the following elements of the project: 

  • The proposed building development to house the harbour office, RNLI base, toilets and showers etc. 

  • The masterplan content and layout.

  • The scope of Levelling Up Fund bid contained in masterplan document.


There are a number of ways to feedback:

  • Attend the drop in consultation event. This will take place under a marquee at the Pier head at Portree Harbour on Wednesday the 8th of September from 1pm – 4pm.

  • Submit comments / concerns via email: info@portreeandbraes.org by the 22nd of September 2021 at 5pm. 

  • If you cannot attend the drop in consultation event and would like an opportunity to discuss this proposal in more detail with those preparing the bid, please get in touch on info@portreeandbraes.org to let us know and the trust will arrange an online community consultation meeting.


" A Vision for Portree Harbour 2018" was previously produced by PBCT,  which demonstrates the improvements that the Trust are looking to deliver on behalf of the local community. 



LUF Community consultation flyer .png