The trust acquired a ten year lease in 2016 of an area at Bayfield in front of the car park up to the bridge at Bridge road. This lease is in place to carry us over until the land has been purchased by the Trust for potential development and improvement plan, that will hopefully make better use of the area.

The Trust felt that the steps up to Bridge road were unsafe and in need of repair and the area in front of the car park needed tidied and re landscaped as a first step. This is now complete. Thanks to funding from Rabbies Community Fund Initiative the trust were able to install picnic benches in this space for local people and visitors to enjoy.   We have volunteers who continually try to keep the area in front of the car park tidy. 

The next step is to try to establish an activity trail in the woodland area and fundraising for this development is underway. 


The trust also plan to purchase the tennis and squash courts to extend the long stay parking area and create motorhome parking and a waste disposal unit.  The trust  have already been awarded £300k from the Scottish Rural Tourism Infrastructure Fund to finance development of the site and secured an award from the Scottish Land Fund to purchase  this ground. 

A public consultation was carried out regarding the proposal for West Bayfield, the full results of which can be seen here. Please click on the following document and scroll to page 11 for details.  







February 2020