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Preserving our Past. Embracing our Future.


Portree & Braes Community Trust aims to stimulate and coordinate the economic, cultural and environmental regeneration of Portree and Braes in response to community-identified priorities. 

The Trust’s projects are coordinated by sub-groups of Trust members and directors. These sub-groups report to the Trust committee, which acts as an umbrella organisation, able to hold land and assets on behalf of the community. Portree & Braes Community Trust is capable of accessing funding and other sources of income not available to the local authority. By working with existing community groups and authorities, Portree & Braes Community Trust hopes to facilitate regeneration projects in Portree, Braes and immediate surrounding areas which form part of electoral area of Portree & Braes. The work of the Community Trust varies from trying to secure land and buildings for community use to promoting renewable energy projects, organising community events and improving access to education and training opportunities.

PBCT Trustees

Calum Matheson –  Chair

Peter Urquhart - Vice Chair

Duncan Brown - Treasurer (associate)

Lorna Cormack - Secretary

Annmarie Campbell 

Neil Campbell

Ross Cowie

Irene Deplano

John Boyd

Graham Smith

Tiffany Maberley 

Pam Simmister 


The Trust undertakes a wide range of projects that it believes will preserve and enhance our unique environment, history, heritage and improve our future.

Please click below to find out more details and how YOU can  get involved  


Improving, preserving, and protecting our community, is at the heart of everything we do. If you want to be involved, we want to hear from you. 

No special skills are required, just a commitment to improve the place where you live.


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