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How do I collect sponsorship for my Storr 2 Slig Challenge? 

This event has been organised to raise funds for festive lights and celebrations in Portree in 2019.  We ask that all participants strive to raise £100 to support this cause but any amount is greatly appreciated. 
Participants taking part in Storr 2 Slig for Light Up Portree can collect sponsorship in a number of ways.  You can download a traditional sponsor form here - this has all the information you need about how to manage sponsorships - or you can set up your own Just Giving online sponsorship page.  This is the easiest way to collect sponsorship.  Click here and look out for the big orange button that says START FUNDRAISING on the right hand side of the page. Follow the instructions to set up your own page.  Share your page with friends and family and you'll be fundraising in no time.
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